Exotic Cuisines

Of course, when we’re saying “Exotic” cuisines, this is only in regard that being an American Cooking School with a majority of our tutoring Chefs previously working at European cuisine restaurants, the following cuisines are less known…
Nevertheless, in our times of an ever-rising Fusion cuisine, knowing which little-known national food will be the “next sushi” is vital!
Michelle Paragorn, who is the Head of these classes, will lay all her rich experience down for you!

This course features such sub-classes as:
  • African cuisines (Moroccan, Egyptian, Arabic)
  • Central Asian cuisines (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China)
  • South Eastern Asia cuisines (Korea, South Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia)
  • Indian cuisine
  • Pacific Islands cuisine
  • South American cuisine (Colombia, Brazil, Argentina)
  • Mexican cuisine

…and a few other sub-classes!

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